May. 21, 2019 · Creations

Unlimited light. A boat floating upon the horizon, bobbing over the glistening water. Life at its calmest. The most beautiful landscape in the world. Noemi Eggenschwiller has walked along this very beach. She has collected its pebbles and cherishes them alongside pieces of coral and drops of seawater, synthesizing this experience into her new collection, Albaida, which we have developed together. The collection features , , and that bear both the might and grace of the Mediterranean. Artisanal pieces produced by the Joidart metalsmiths and finished with hand-painted cold enamel ovals, as if they were miniature pebbles resting upon each of the jewels.
There are two options available for the Albaida collection: the first is plated in 24-carat with cold coral enamel, ideal for calm, peaceful moments. The second is with cold blue Serenity enamel, perfect for more passionate occasions. Or vice versa—it all depends on how you feel and how they feel on you. Experience their Mediterranean spirit for yourself by visiting or our stores. ··· Noemi Eggenschwiler is a jewelry designer. She trained alongside her mother, the prestigious jeweler Anna Font, who introduced the concept of jewelry design to Catalonia and one of the first women to collaborate with Joidart during the 1980s and 1990s. In 2017, after taking a short spell out, Noemi resumed her career in artisanal jewelry design once again. She creates unique pieces that are made to measure and exhibits her work at trend trade fairs.

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