mesos.curt.març. 05, 2019 · Creations

Inma Soria, the woman behind, is a long-standing collaborator with our brand and has worked with us this season to create our It features unique circles that bear the mark of the artists who crafted the pieces by hand. You’d give anything to see them, have them and wear them, of course! For , these pieces express “the balance of concentric circles dancing harmoniously, one inside the next”. In this delicate and ancestral dance, the circles move effortlessly to the beat of the woman that wears them. and with three hoops, , and with a single-, double- or multi-circle design, are just some of the pieces that make up the cosmos that is this collection, which brings us ever closer to those warm spring days awaiting just around the corner. Their imperfect and irregular texture adds a touch of personality and blends with the simplicity and elegant sobriety of this timeless .
All of the jewelry in the collection is available in and . Visit us online at or at any of the stores that stock our brand to get the first glance. … Inma Soria is an architect, online influencer and interior designer. On finishing her university studies, she travelled to a number of different countries around Europe before finally returning to Valencia, from where she pens the content for her blog,, and other social media outlets to which thousands of dedicated fans refer for advice on outfits, fashion and accessories. She also collaborates as a designer with a range of fashion and jewellery brands.

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