Feb. 26, 2014 · Creations

is made up of irregular geometric pieces linked together to create spectacular compositions. Each piece is painted with cold enamel in different colours, bringing intensity and optimism to welcome in the good weather. The collection was designed by Cristina Julià who was inspired by the tangram sets and building games of her childhood, painting them in vibrant colours. The different tones of the enamels describe mosaics full of light, mounted in matt silver or gold-plated golden metal. In the former, the enamels are in turquoise tones while the latter setting features a burst of colours: brown, lime green, turquoise, pink, red, white and grey. The size and shapes of the Alina necklaces and bracelets make them the most spectacular items in the collection. The long, eye-catching plunging pendants make a real impact, while the earrings and rings provide a more discreet counterpoint yet without losing an iota of their depth of colour.

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