Sep. 25, 2017 · Creations

The Arp jewellery collection, designed by Cristina Julià, is 'a tribute to the work of artist Jean Arp'. That is how the creator herself describes it, delving into the abstract legacy of lines and shapes created by Arp and rediscovering them in a entirely personal way. Jean Arp was a French-German artist who played a fundamental role in the history of abstract art and who was a key player in the Dada movement. Sculptor, poet and painter, his curiosity touched upon a wide variety of disciplines, experimenting in each one of them finally synthesizing their limits. Cristina Julià recaptures the strength of Arp's characteristic 'blobs' and interprets them with simplicity and elegance. Each piece of jewellery traces a line that is at once sinewy and firm and steady. The earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets in the collection take the form of flat sculptures that stand out for their originality, particularly in the larger-sized versions. They are pieces whose curved edges come together to create unprecedented shapes. See for yourself and discover them in Joid'art stores and at In both spaces you will find them available in a matte silver and matte gold-plated metal finish.
… Cristina Julià is an artist and graphic designer. Family tradition is what bonds her and Joid’art. She studied Fine Arts (UAB) and Graphic Design (EINA). Her experience in the creative field was forged by working at different graphic design and branding agencies in Barcelona; in the development of her personal artistic projects; and in what has been her main activity in recent years: creative brand management.

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