Oct. 08, 2014 · Creations

The landscapes around us are beginning to show hints of the autumnal palette. Forests filled with browns, reds and earth tones; just like our jewellery. It is wonderful to see how our colours move to the beat of each season. If you would like to discover the shades of our new AW14 collections just click here or read on... Ecoprint works such as those by Irit Dulman (shown in the photos here), which consist of stamping elements of nature onto organic fabrics, inspire new collections and drive us to be constantly experimenting in our creative laboratory. The challenge is to create jewellery that reflects the force of nature: Aurelia is a collection that radiates in shades of silver and gold. The leaves of the pendants and earrings float in the air and add a sense of delicacy and sensitivity to your look. Camelia ejewellery is reminiscent of the ripe skin of autumn fruit. The silver version rings and earrings add light to your outfits, particularly when worn with prints in dark blue tones. They have been hand- scratched, giving them a note of individuality, as if collected freshly fallen from a tree. Carola Jazz is a collection featuring a circle of mulberry-coloured fire enamel set on a gold-plated metal base. The deep-red enamel shades take on an added intensity when worn with dark colours. Just one look at the necklaces will leave a lasting impression.

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