mesos.curt.març. 27, 2013 · Joidart

A little while ago we opened up the doors of our workshop, and today we’re going to show you how the pieces in the new Angelika SS13 collection, designed by Cristina Julià, came about. This is the process of artisan craftsmanship behind Joid’art creations which makes every piece a unique treasure: Once the originals have been created, moulds are made of the pieces using the lost wax technique to provide the shape of the reproductions. These moulds are placed inside plaster cylinders in the furnace for the wax to melt and the space to be filled with molten metal. Once the metals have cooled, the cylinders are separated and the pieces cut before being cleaned and soldered one by one. Finally, any imperfections are polished away, the pieces are gold-plated, cold enamel is applied in the chosen colour until the desired finish is achieved. In this mosaic you can see all the stages of this meticulous jewellery-making process:

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