Jun. 27, 2013 · Joidart

We invite you to visit our workshop again to discover how we worked with resins for the Salma SS13 collection.
This is an artisanal manufacturing process which produces warm, colourful jewellery with a different feel thanks to the gentle texture of resins. First of all we prepare the translucent resin and pour it into a square receptacle. It is then left to dry before cutting, sanding and polishing the resins to the desired shape. Once the ideal shape has been achieved, we apply the colour and leave it to dry… and now we have the piece of resin that will later be incorporated in the piece of jewellery. For silver structures, once the original piece has been created we make moulds using the lost wax casting technique to shape the reproductions. These moulds are put in the kiln in plaster cylinders to melt the wax and leave the empty space ready for filling with molten metal. Once the metal has cooled, the moulds are separated and the pieces are cut before being cleaned and soldered one by one. Finally, any imperfections are polished away, the pieces are rhodium-plated and the resins are fitted into place.

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