Aug. 26, 2015 · Creations

The German word means flower in English. And means flowers (from two to a large number). That is why we chose ‘Blumen’ as the name for this new collection designed by Cristina Julià, which adopts the aesthetics of mediterranean flowers and is inspired by their petals, transforming them into jewels. The pieces in this collection were created individually at Joid’art’s workshop, using the lost-wax casting technique. These are matt silver or matt gold metal pieces, made up of small dots that are slightly texturized and coloured in a random manner using cold enamel. In the silver version the dots are green, black and ochre. In the gold version, the dots are blue, maroon and grey. The Blumen necklaces and earrings are quite spectacular, since their ‘petals’ cascade down, flowing around the neck of the person wearing the jewellery, and enhancing their features. Dare you? You can find them both in Joid'art stores and on

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