Aug. 06, 2014 · Creations

Holidays are finally just around the corner! Days of sun, sea, breathtaking landscapes and, above all, R&R await. Wherever we are and whatever we do, we can’t forget to put our cares aside and put on accessories that reflect the state of wellbeing in which we find ourselves. At times like these, less is more. The Joid’art team has picked the perfect pieces for the summer’s freshest and most carefree looks. Conrad Roset, Feuilles, Angelika and Kasia, Zala… To discover them, just click on the images. Freedom of movement, comfort and simplicity are the basic premises. Jewellery that exudes peace and harmony. Just like the images in the ‘Breathe’ file of our Pinterest account, where we see women enjoying a little bit of breathing room to the fullest. Would you like to see? Click here.

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