May. 30, 2013 · Style

Sometimes we fancy giving an original, personalized gift but we don’t know exactly what to get. On other occasions we know exactly what we want but can’t find it. Occasionally you might even have dreamt of having a dinner service that nobody else has. Joid'art knows about a possible solution: Chichinabo: you come up with the ideas, and they design it and bring it to fruition.
As they themselves describe, Chichinabo is "a project that seeks to recover traditional themes and aesthetics which are usually underrated as being old-fashioned or tasteless. Trinkets, bric-a-brac, even things that go completely unnoticed because they are so everyday have been assimilated to create collections – whether tableware, ceramics or textiles – that aim to bring back into the limelight what once seemed to be cast into oblivion.” They create dishes, tablecloths, platters, bowls, silk scarves, vanity cases and anything else that might occur to you, enveloped in a mantle of impeccable design and illustrations. They also create bespoke tableware that will transform any dining table into a space bursting with creativity. Definitely one of our great discoveries!

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