Oct. 21, 2013 · Barcelona

Chisato Kuroki is a Japanese ceramicist who creates and exhibits her work in Barcelona, specifically in the Espai Ku, a unique space comprising a workshop and art gallery where you can discover four artists and their work in a single place. Ku means constant change. Espai Ku (C/Canvis Nous 1, Barcelona) is a project that is open to transformation, where four artists work and give workshops: Chisato Kuroki and Gisela Riuseco (ceramics), Rubén Caruso (painting and sculpture) and Fabio De Minicis (artistic recycling). We’re particularly interested in Chisato’s work. Influenced by Zen art, the artist does not seek perfection in her creations but rather direct contact with nature and personal emotions. Each piece she creates is a reflection of her mood at that time, a way of learning about herself and of growing in every sense. Her technique follows the processes of traditional Japanese ceramic work, whose value lies in minuscule work and imperfections as a synonym of authenticity. Chisato makes experimental pieces as well as functional items such as jugs, dishes, cups and other tableware. We have been following her progress closely for some time at Joid'art, and we can confirm that her pieces are exquisitely delicate. Drinking tea from one of her cups or eating from her dishes makes any gastronomic experience complete. Attending the courses in Raku pottery with enamels given by Chisato gave us a closer personal insight into her work and allowed us to appreciate all its sensitivity. A unique opportunity.

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