Dec. 05, 2013 · Joidart

This year we’ve put a lot of emphasis on telling people about the the workshop where we work, the techniques we use, the tools, the people, and so on. For this reason, when we came to choose a slogan for the Christmas campaign, it didn’t take us long to pick Craft Christmas. Craft Christmas pays homage to hand-made things made with TLC. It’s an ode to expressiveness. It’s about going back to manual crafts without losing the artistic touch. It’s about inventing and letting yourself be carried away by your imagination. It’s transforming our surroundings by our own creativity. It’s about energy and imagination. It’s feeling the warmth of genuine things. It’s an invitation to creativity. It’s about realizing that dreams are drawn by hand. It’s experiencing Christmas from a happier, more artisanal and more artistic perspective. It’s a simple and honest wish. Craft Christmas!

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