Jun. 27, 2018 · Creations

The sensation of diving into the water. That freshness that seeps through every cell of our bodies. Appreciate the vastness of a fascinating world in which we are but miniscule guests. Feel the embrace of the water. Discover the multitude of wondrous forms and underwater landscapes. Swim back to the surface and float there. Close your eyes and soak in the incredible beauty. Feel the heat of the sun on your skin. Know that summer has arrived, and with it, the jewellery collection that bears its name.
Jewellery designer Carme Fàbregas has plunged into the depths of the Mediterranean to create the Estiu (meaning 'summer') collection. She has swum across remote coral seabeds and studied the vast array of anemones, starfish and fanciful creatures that live among the marine flora there. The beauty of those textures has inspired her to create a range of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings to transport us back to that underwater universe.
They make the perfect addition to a summer outfit for the sunny days and warm nights ahead. The silver and turquoise enamel version works beautifully with light-coloured daywear. In contrast, the gold-plated metal and coral enamel option is stunning set against a dark, vaporous evening dress.
Dive into the Estiu collection by visiting or one of the Joid'art stores.

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