Jun. 25, 2013 · Style

By way of a contrast to this era of immediacy, compulsive consumerism and prefabricated food, ‘slow shopping’ concepts such as Granel are rising to the fore. This is a new shopping concept that sells loose produce to promote conscientious eating habits. The aim of the Granel stores (Vic, Ibiza, Tarragona, Molins de Rei, St. Cugat, Barcelona and online store is to promote the responsible purchase of local produce, also known as ‘0 km produce’ that is grown sustainably. This is a completely free way of shopping because the customer decides just how much they want of everything: a little rice, a lot of coffee or a medium amount of pasta. Or a lot of rice, a little coffee and even more pasta. As the products are not pre-packaged, you decide on the amount you need. And the best thing is that you can take it home in recycled cardboard boxes, recycled paper cones, potato starch bags and biodegradable glass bottles… no plastic in sight. Although our jewellery is not sold loose, we do identify very closely with this kind of ‘slow shopping’ initiative that promotes responsible consumption. Slow Jewels? Maybe one day…  

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