Sep. 10, 2013 · Style

The English ceramicist Hilary Mayo has the gift of being able to transmit the experiences that have influenced her life in her work. The street children of South Africa are part of those experiences. To portray the life of these children who scratch a living on the streets, Hilary creates objects that convey a beauty that is as fragile as their lives. She uses fragments of broken handles and creates receptacles with fragile rims to reflect their precarious situation. She mainly works with stoneware and porcelain paper clay. She says she also enjoys incorporating wire and old, rusted nails in her creations. She works with underglaze, slip and layers of glaze which are roughly applied with a brush and then fired to 1260ºC, giving shape to little sculptural ceramics. Each of them is so original that it opens up an infinite universe of creativity. Any one of them could be turned into a piece of jewellery.

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