Oct. 18, 2013 · Joidart

Yesterday, Joid’art was involved in two lots of jewellery awards: firstly, because we awarded the second Joid’art Enjoia’t Award to Amalia Vermell for her work Siamesos. And secondly because we served on the jury of the 17th edition of the Enjoia’t contemporary jewellery awards organized by A-Fad, and got a first-hand look at the high standards of the professionals and new young talents coming into the sector. It was a pretty hectic day: Cristina Julià and Anna Codina, the creative director and designer at Joid’art respectively, spent all afternoon working with the other members of the jury of the Enjoia’t Awards to choose the winners. And later on, taking the particular aesthetic and style of Joid’art into consideration, they selected the winner of the special Joid’art Enjoia’t award. You can see all the pieces that were submitted here. The prize-giving ceremony was held that night at the former Moritz factory. Until that point, Laia Adsuara, Maria Lobez and Pamela Pérez (Amalia Vermell) had no idea they had been chosen as the winners of the Joid’art Enjoia’t award. They were absolutely delighted and so were we. The award consists of providing them with all the facilities they need to design an exclusive collection for our brand, like the winner of last year’s edition, Jordi Aparicio, who created the Kasla collection which will be launched for the forthcoming SS14 season. Congratulations!

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