Oct. 29, 2013 · Joidart

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for Jacqueline Ryan’s work. Through her creations, the British jewellery designer invites us to explore the secrets of living organisms and their timelessness. Ryan says she has been fascinated by the natural world since she was very small. Artistically, she feels an affinity with the ancient Egyptian and Etruscan cultures for the way they worshipped nature as an entity which emanates beauty. She admires the infinite combinations of shapes, textures and colours which, down the millennia, have evolved to give shape to aesthetically perfect organisms. Her work aims to capture the beauty exuded by these organisms and communicate it in an abstract way through her jewellery. She uses artisanal techniques to create sculptural pieces that are characterized for their originality of shape and colour. Her jewellery is formed from moving elements which resonate with the body’s movements. On closer examination you can see that the pieces have a tremendous artistic component. Are they wearable? It all depends on how you want to showcase them. For special occasions, most definitely, yes. We invite you to check them out on her website. Wearing a Ryan creation puts whatever else you’re wearing in the shade…

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