Nov. 27, 2018 · Creations

There are days when you yearn for that little bit more. The make-up a little smokier. The outfit a little more glamorous. The music a little louder. The night a little longer. And for jewellery with an extra touch of sophistication. Janice, our new midseason collection, is the perfect choice for precisely those days, when you are looking to vamp things up. The pieces in the Janice jewellery collection, designed by the Joid'art Lab team, add the perfect touch of stylish sophistication to any party outfit. The designers of this range of maxi necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings have been inspired by "the air sculpting bubbles in perpetual motion" to create the collection’s small circular pieces, which they have combined with irregular-shaped borosilicate glass beads that seem to restlessly float from earrings and necklaces.
Janice is your must-have accessory for long, endless nights, dazzling dinners, once-in-a lifetime celebrations and those special moments that stay with us forever. Its designs, which you can find in our stores and online at joidart.com, are an invitation to live life to the full. Available in matte rhodium-plated silver with a cherry-coloured bubble; matte gold-plated metal with a grey bubble; and matte gold-plated metal with a transparent bubble. ... Joid’art’s design team are the creative talents behind Joid’art Lab. Cristina, Berta and Valentina are the artists responsible for researching new trends, understanding how Joid’art women live, dream and think and designing the brand’s ultimate must-have jewellery collections.

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