Oct. 26, 2016 · Style

The world of accessories is so varied and extensive that it is easy to get lost among the thousands of products on offer. But sometimes, among the sea of options, there are those that steal our hearts and stay with us forever. Which is precisely the case with Beatriz Furest's leather bags and other creations. Handcrafted accessories created in the heart of Barcelona that bring together Italian leather, Catalan design and family tradition. We have combined them with some of our jewellery to spellbinding effect! Brand founder, Beatriz Furest, comes from a Barcelona family with a long history in men's fashion going back over 100 years. Her family's love of fashion, art and design had a profound influence on Beatriz and, having discovered that casual-style, high- quality leather accessories were hard to come by, she decided to create them herself. That was in 1996. Since then the formula has remained the same: Beatriz designs the products and her sister, Carlota, promotes them around the world, while a team of leather craftsmen give them form. Over time, BF has further expanded her company's horizons, moving into shoes, belts, vanity bags and 'ready to wear' textile garments with an essentially contemporary feel. Her designs somehow capture the style that permeates the streets of Barcelona. Just as our 'Mariela's Contradictions' collection does. Predicting an autumn full of contrasts, we have put together a number of outfits that we bring you here. Jewellery and leather. Essential accessories. Mediterranean craftsmanship. You can find Beatriz's creations at Our jewellery is available in Joid'art stores and online on

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