May. 16, 2018 · Style

Mid-afternoon. The sun kissing your skin. Summer clothes, light jewellery and comfortable shoes. A book in your hands and a spot near the sea. Few plans are better on a summer’s day. Rings on your fingers, necklaces around your neck and espadrilles on your feet. The Mediterranean vibe is as true as a stroll along the beach. Wearing Castañer espadrilles is like wearing the Mediterranean Sea itself on your feet. During its long history, this family brand based in Banyoles (Girona) has steadily evolved to become an international benchmark without ever relinquishing its original essence. Esparto, esparto and more esparto. This plant’s fibres are the base of all their designs. The design created for Yves Saint Laurent in the 70s forever linked them to the world of fashion, and since then they have created absolute treasures for your feet every season as well as capsule collections for icons such as Manolo Blahnik.
Our and their espadrillesdance to the sound of the waves. This is why it has been so easy to create the outfits recommended here. Because we share a common origin, because we love colour, because we put comfortability first and because, above all, we look for beauty in the simple things. We share a common concept of what style is, and this can be seen in our aesthetics.
It would be absurd to deny it; at Joid’art we are #castanerlovers. Their espadrilles are available at and in shoe shops all over the world. See our jewellery at and in Joid’art stores.

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