Nov. 26, 2014 · We like artists

Joid'art stores aren't just stores; they are much more than that. From 24 November to 6 January, the store at Carrer Call 11, in Barcelona, is housing an exhibition of exclusive pieces created by jewellers Amalia Vermell, which are available for you to buy and give this Christmas.
The display is part of the initiative ‘Joid'art with creators’, aimed at providing support and space for the works of creators from various fields with similar language and sensitivity to Joid'art's. This time the exhibition features Amalia Vermell, winners of the Joid'art Enjoia't Award 2013, with whom we have been collaborating to shape the Penta collection, which will soon see the light of day. Drop by the Joid'art store in Carrer Call and enjoy the art.

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