Since 1981, Joid'art merges creativity, contemporarycrafts and jewelry to shape character. Pieces that speak the language of femininity, inspired by real women.

Founded by Julia James and headquartered in Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona), the company has established itself as a leader in the field ofcontemporary jewelery in the international arena.

A chain of stores and more than 1,500 customers around the world, with strong presence in Spain, France, Germany, England, Hungary and Portugalare the clearest example of the consolidation of a brand that works with the utmost rigor to continue to evolve without losing its soul accessible and approachable.





Behind every one of our pieces is thorough creative research. The design team gives free rein to their imagination to search for new forms of expression and create unique pieces. Collaboration with external designers provides a fresh outlook and adds variety to the amazing collections we present each season (spring-summer and autumn-winter).

Joid'art designs find balance in simplicity, in fresh, gestural lines, in the aesthetics of detail. So each woman can experience them in complete freedom, and make them her own from the very first moment. Silver is reinvented in lines, colours and reliefs that gain force with movement





The over 30 year history of Joid'art, coupled with the expertise of the craftsmen who work with us, give usthe tools to adapt the traditional techniques of jewelry to contemporary values.

In our workshop we use the technique of lost wax to shape pieces of silver that will be covered later with a touch of polish or given proper finishrust, glossy, striped hand painted ... The result is a perfect jewelrybalance between modernity and tradition. Small works of art.


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