A caress of Mediterranean on your skin

Jan. 17, 2023 · Creations


Inspiration never runs dry when there is fascination in the eye of the beholder, and at Joidart we live fascinated by the environment that surrounds us: nature and the Mediterranean. Creativity has no limits when the hands that draw are moved by emotion, and emotion is what we feel when the designs cease to be an idea in the head and begin to materialize. Beauty knows no rules when the result arises from the purest honesty towards oneself, your own values and your tastes.

Inspiration, creativity, and beauty are present in each of the creations and artistic collections of Joidart 2023, as are the Mediterranean and nature, two constants in our creations. Together with our collaborating artists we have been inspired again, we have let creativity run free, and we have made beauty a tangible element so that you can feel it, touch it and enjoy it caressing your skin.



In 2023 we take a close look at the Mediterranean, as we have never done before.

Mediterranean jewelry

Together with Sara Domènech we dive into its waters to discover an ancient tradition of fishing that the designer and sculptor has taken as inspiration for her RALL collection.



Minimalist jewelry

The swaying of the waves brings us back to the shore with Mariadiamantes by MINIMA, a collection of fine and delicate pieces that fall and dance gracefully to the rhythm of the sea breeze.



Still with our feet on the seashore, we find ARENA, the collection of our multidisciplinary team of creators Joidart Lab, which makes us dream of those precious crystals that hide among the sand, through a collection of small yet extraordinary treasures plated in gold and silver. Would you like to feel the magic of the Mediterranean with us?



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