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Plant lovers are people with a special sensitivity. An invisible force driving them to spend hours taking care of, contemplating or photographing them. Designer and photographer Alejandra Perelló is one of those people. Passionate about photography, the blog she started on plants and interior design has turned her into a reputed Instagrammer with thousands of followers, who eagerly await the images she posts that illustrate her unique perspective on life. [Interview content] A stroll through Alejandra's beloved Barcelona, her various travels, shopping trips, moments when she is decorating her house or tending to her plants, all provide inspiration for the tender, organic snapshots she captures, touched with a hint of fragility. offers us a glimpse into her world. And, in this interview, she shares the details of her journey with us, tells us what motivates her and how she views our jewellery. Alejandra, define yourself in three words. A dreamer, passionate and happy.
Tell us a bit about who you are and your professional career path. My name is Alejandra and I studied graphic design at ELISAVA in Barcelona. I have been working in the marketing department of a multinational company for the past five years where, apart from continuing to evolve as a designer, I have also been able to gain marketing and communications skills. Photography is one of my great passions and I try to pick up my camera every day. It started as a way of expressing myself and has ended up becoming a way of life and I couldn't be happier. How and when did The hanging Plants project come about? When I left home and went to live in Barcelona I went a little plant crazy. I was used to having a garden and suddenly I was confronted with a flat that was full of light but completely bereft of anything green, so I started to fill it with plants. At the same time, one of my best friends, Lorena, started her blog called na sua lua and, when I saw how much she was enjoying it, I decided to start one of my own to talk about the things I like most: plants and interior design. The blog gradually evolved to the point where I was just showing my photographs and almost not writing anything in terms of a diary, so I decided to stop for a while and create a , giving the photographs greater precedence. Almost all the pictures I take are posted there, among other things. There is also a space where I add my favourite places in the city to eat, shop and/or sleep called #guíajangui.
What are your influences? I like to take inspiration from people I follow on Pinterest and Instagram. The truth is that the world is full of true artists and incredibly creative people. I admire a lot of people and each of them has different qualities but I wouldn't be able to identify my specific influences because we are on the receiving end of so much brilliant information these days it's very difficult to pin down. What gets you reaching for your camera and taking photos? Everything! A new plant, my friends, a corner of my house, the street, a new place that has opened in the city, my travels, the sea, etc. I love to photograph anything I see that I like or that catches my eye in a special way, as well as the things that go on in my everyday life. It's a way of keeping a visual diary.
Of all your photographs, which are your favourites? Perhaps the pictures of my walks around the city. I go for long walks every weekend, without any specific agenda, to discover new places or just to walk and enjoy my beautiful Barcelona. I also really like the photos I take of different bits and pieces at home because my house has amazing light all day long.
Could you see yourself photographing jewellery one day? What would the pictures be like? And the jewellery? If the opportunity to photograph jewellery came up I wouldn't say no, as it would be a challenge and I like to try new things. The photographs would be warm, natural and project an essence of calm, and I would have to like the jewellery, which would need to be simple, comfortable and beautiful. A time of day. Mornings. A city. Tokyo.
A plant. I like them all but the one I'm especially fond of is the or . They are very difficult to find in Spain so when I travelled to Copenhagen where you can buy them everywhere I took the opportunity to buy two and bring them back on the plane to Barcelona. I was very worried they wouldn't survive the journey or wouldn't cope with a new hot, humid climate but I have them in my bedroom where they are thriving - very big and beautiful. A work of art. 'The Meeting’ or ‘Have a Nice Day, Mr Hockney’ by Peter Blake. What are your favourite pieces of Joid'art jewellery? Why? My favourite collection is 'Boletes' because it is simple, pretty and subtle. I also really like the Inspirada collection for the same reasons. I love discreet jewellery!


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