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Writer, fashion brand consultant, self-taught photographer, visual merchandising expert, influencer (although she does not like the word), DIY enthusiast and a whole lot more... Alejandra Remón is a generator of boundless creativity, someone with the gift of conjuring images and painting pictures with words. [interview content] She is inquisitive, an observer, able to pick up on the smallest detail to later process what she has seen, experienced and sensed, pass it through her personal filter and mould it into something new: A piece of writing, a design, a photograph or . She will know it instinctively.
It is well worth taking a look. Check her out. Read her work. If you don't already follow her, you will after this interview. Inquisitive, restless and strong. I work in fashion and am frequently involved in putting together catwalk shows, the development of collections, visual styling... I also love photography, but I'm self-taught, I don't have any formal training. Writing, I write all the time. I also dabble in crafts, I have a vice: assembling furniture and painting walls. Ah! And cooking, I love that too and I’m pretty good at it (so I'm told).
Writing my book has been my biggest challenge; that has been my greatest adventure to date. For the rest, I would have to talk about all the areas I work in, as there is something special about each one. I am fortunate to be able to collaborate with wonderful teams that inspire me and give me the freedom to transmit my individual essence. I don't know. I don't have a manual. Three years ago I had 500 followers and then, suddenly, with the intimate pieces of writing and photographs I post, it began to grow little by little to what you see today. I have also asked myself why...but I haven't come up with an answer. I should say that I'm not a big fan of the term 'influencer' because it's not something I spend all my time doing and there are people that do. I have my life and my work and that is something extra I do in my free time. I don't focus 100% on social media either. The book has been developing away on its own for a number of years, without being a conscious thing. It is a whole load of notes and feelings collected over a number of years, which have been organised and rewritten. Everything in the book is me, or almost everything.. So yes, it's autobiographical. The truth is that the hard part is selecting a few pages that you think define you from so many. As you read things you have felt, you unintentionally open a Pandora's box of fears and even pain, because you remember things... and you may even want to destroy them, although their strength lies in putting them out there.
I'm inspired by conversations, movies, books, songs... There are people who inspire and a glass of wine can spark wonderful scripts. None of my writing heroes are of my genre. I like Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Jack Kerouac, Georges Perec... photographers like Vivian Maier, Lucien Hervé, Guy Bourdin... and directors, Wes Anderson... And many whose names I can't even remember. I take a little bit from everywhere, I'm inquisitive and relentless. Dancing, cycling, meeting up with friends and baking cakes. I like to pamper and take time out for myself, being alone at home with music and good food is sometimes the best plan.
My style is a mixture, a collage. I like the ’70s, ’60s, androgynous style, that unpretentious elegance that the French have... I'm quite classic but sometimes I give in to something crazy. I like individual, relaxed style.
I don't really own much jewellery. I only wear it on special occasions. I like things that are really simple. The things that suit my style are those that aren't too showy; the addition of a simple detail. Freedom Blue Alone again or - Love Hotel room - Edward Hopper I like the Nouveau ring, with its art deco echoes and the Toujours collection, for its simplicity and beauty.


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