Oct. 21, 2015 · Style

Leonardo da Vinci said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We couldn't agree more. This autumn, essential designs are back and with them minimal styles that you'll make your own one way or another. Simplicity, whether jewellery, clothes, make-up or attitudes, needs no explanation, because it's true. Want to check it out? The Joid'art creative team has put together warm outfits that exude balance. Looks with no superfluous details, in which the colours are flat and the lines pure. Ochre, white, black and navy blue matched with silver or gold-plated metal. Over a plain blouse, a necklace featuring ovals. Under a three-quarter-length jacket, a linear bracelet. On your hands, a chunky ring. The new Buganvilia, Ailanta and Lyra collections bring their intensity of form and nothing else. You'll find them in our stores and on It's that simple.

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