Jul. 23, 2014 · Creations

Anna Codina is the designer behind the Barbora SS14 collection, taking her inspiration from ethnic and ancient Mediterranean jewellery, she has produced these semi-circular creations. Originality and impact for looks that pack a punch.
The irregular semi-circles that characterise the Barbora collection are created using the sheet metal cutting technique, with elements later being overlaid and soldered together. Unique pieces are thereby created, hand-engraved by the Joid'art artisans for a 100% artistic and personal finish. The Barbora collection gives us a range of spectacular necklaces, earrings and cuff bracelets to combine with our summer outfits. There are two finishes to choose from: black-plated silver and matt gold-plated metal. Ideal to get heads turning, both day and night.

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