Nov. 25, 2015 · We like artists

We've done it again! For the second year running we are joining forces with architect, designer and blogger, Inma Soria. This time the collection is called Blocs and it promises to enchant with its geometric forms. is a benchmark of style and trends. The looks Inma puts together are discussed, followed and copied by thousands of women who, week in week out, avidly wait for her suggestions on what to wear and which accessories to choose. She also has a number of followers on the Joid'art creative team ;) And that's why, in addition to the fact that Inma embodies the creative spirit of the Joid'art woman, we suggested last year's collaboration and have had no hesitation in doing it again this year. The new collection Inma has designed for Joid'art is called Blocs. It is geometric, architectural, finished off with a very special touch of light. Made up of gold metal rectangles of varying sizes juxtaposed to form strips, at the ends of which hang cylinders of transparent quartz crystal. The collection's earrings and necklaces are linear, vertical pieces inspired by Constructivist art. Compositions designed with Christmas in mind, ideal for festive party looks and also for winter styles which need that extra touch of light these pieces can provide. You can find them in Joid'art stores and on

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