May. 14, 2019 · Creations

A cascade of bubbles. A cluster of grapes. Raindrops resting on a leaf. Wild woodland blackberries. that form surprising compositions. That name is Carla, a collection made up of , , and in a series of spontaneously linked circles, creating little sequences of abstract silhouettes. Carla is all about movement and freedom. The lightness of these makes them so comfortable to wear, and they combine beautifully with all kinds of outfits. Every gesture of the woman who wears them offers a different interpretation.
Carla is about summer. Days full of sunshine, lightweight clothing, a sense of boundless optimism. Timeless designs in matte silver and matte gold-plated metal that you can choose to be the queen of the party or for everyday wear; to transform a basic look into something special, or to give someone a memorable gift. The complete Carla collection is waiting for you at and in-store. Call her by her name. You’ll love getting to know her (and vice versa)! ... Sara Domènech is a sculptor. A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Barcelona, she studied art at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht school in Holland and has been collaborating with the Joid’art creative team since 2001. She won the Eclat de Mode Paris Award for her Ingrid and Glit collections; and the Bijorhca Paris Jewellery and Fashion Award for her Lunea collection, all designed for Joidart. She was also a finalist for the Enjoia’t 06 FAD Award.  

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