Nov. 09, 2016 · We like artists

Carla Cascales Alimbau is a young Barcelona artist as versatile and infinite as her imagination. She combines branding and editorial design with visual arts: photography, illustration, sculpture, painting and drawing, making her an all-round artist. Fascinated by Japanese culture and the simplicity of contemporary architecture, Carla works in her own studio, where she constantly experiments, finding new forms of expression in each project. She has worked with major brands worldwide as well as prestigious publications. And that's only the beginning... We were lucky enough to interview her and find out how she shapes her talent and what jewellery she likes. Carla, define yourself in three words. Simple, observant and creative.
Tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic and professional career so far. I studied Advertising and Public Relations and that's where I discovered my passion for design combined with illustration. After working on a lot of projects for very diverse brands and studios, I set up on my own as a designer in January this year and that's when I really set off on my own personal path. I feel really comfortable and happy doing what I'm doing. I also have more time to devote to my artistic side, to sculpture and the plastic arts that are the basis of my day to day.
How do you combine your many facets: branding creator, editorial designer, illustrator, sculptor, sketcher and painter? Do they feed off each other? They are all part of a whole to me. I like to combine several creative facets, I have very personal style, so anything I do, designing, painting or sculpting, has a coherent style. I consider every commission or project a new challenge to be explored and I use various techniques that I think are necessary to undertake the project.
We can see your work on your website and Instagram but you also have a virtual illustration space,, and another on photography, What languages and content do you express in each of them? In addition to my website, where I publish my more professional or artistic work, I have two blogs that I'm gradually updating. ‘Commeuneimage’ is a journal of sketches, drawings, line experiments ... and is where I keep the sketches I like. It's a way of organising and sharing them.
Índigo’ is another journal, of analogue photos. When I travel I invariably have an analogue camera with me and I take photos of places and things that inspire me. Then I develop the pictures and post my favourites in the blog. It's like a personal Pinterest of places that caught my eye and I use the photos as inspiration for colour palettes, geometric shapes, textures and so on.
Take us through your creative process. Normally, I look for an idea or a concept. I do some sketches of the idea and then I choose the tools I want to use. I might choose materials like wood or marble, or inks and paper; or I might go for a digital project on computer, if I'm designing a book, for example.
What inspires you to shape a new work? I'm fascinated by Japanese culture, its view of imperfection as beauty, acceptance of the passage of time, simplicity and care for details. I also love contemporary architecture, the Bauhaus style, minimalism, geometry, the work of architects like Mies van der Rohe and Alvar Aalto. Those are the two creative currents that inspire me most in my work. What would you highlight of all your work and collaborations? Why? I have really enjoyed working for brands that have similar values to mine, such as organic food projects and NGOs. I also love editorial design and I've always found working in fashion very satisfying, although the work I'm happiest with at the moment and that I enjoy most is my personal sculpture project, Étimo.
Could you see yourself creating jewellery one day? What do you think it would be like? I love jewellery actually, it would be fabulous to design some, some day. I love rings, especially gold ones; thin, simple, but with personality. A material. Marble. A shape. A circle. A tonality. Grayscale. A work of art. Elogio al Horizonte by Eduardo Chillida.
What are your favourite pieces of Joid'art jewellery? Why? I like the Boletes collection, for the way it combines small organic forms and geometric shapes. I especially like the bracelet, where the combination is particularly elegant.


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