Feb. 28, 2018 · Creations

Circles represent balance, beauty, perfection. The iris of the eye. The graphite core of a pencil. A perfect droplet. Life moves in circles. And the does the same. that flirts with circles, deconstructing them and forming stunning miniature sculptures. Sara Domènech defines it as ‘a synthesis of Aleksandr Rodchenko's Suprematist sculptures.’ And in case that name doesn’t immediately ring any bells, Rodchenko was one of the most versatile Russian artists of the 1920s and ’30s, best known for his multifaceted talents as a sculptor, painter, graphic designer and photographer. He was one of the founders of Russian Constructivism, creating sculptures that broke the established moulds of the time and to this day continue to inspire a multitude of artists, like Sara Domènech.
The , and that make up the Cercles collection are so unique that the only way to fully understand them is to try them on. The circular lines of the pieces coil around the fingers, dance at the neckline, play with the shapes of the face and enhance the features of the woman wearing them.
They are available in both matte silver and matte gold metal finishes. Be surprised by the unpredictable curves of this new collection, available now from Joid'art stores and online at joidart.com. ... Sara Domènech is a sculptor. A Fine Arts graduate from the University of Barcelona, she studied art at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht school in Holland and has been collaborating with the Joid’art creative team since 2001. She won the Eclat de Mode Paris Award for her Ingrid and Glit collections; and the Bijorhca Paris Jewellery and Fashion Award for her Lunea collection, all designed for Joid’art. She was also a finalist for the Enjoia’t 06 FAD Award.


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