Feb. 24, 2016 · Style

In creating the new Swing collection, with a powerful personality. Looking at the results, she clearly achieved her goal while also creating something that works as the perfect addition to the new spring looks, a selection of which we have put together for you below. A time of loose-fitting dresses, cool fabrics and vivid colours is on its way. And what better than teaming them up with earrings, necklaces and rings which stand out from the crowd thanks to their striking design with artistic flair? The pieces in the Swing collection are a breath of fresh air blowing the winter cobwebs away, ordered imbalance, regulated spontaneity. Made up of an oval outer ring with small, irregular circles nestled inside. The collection comes in two finishes: a matte silver outer ring with polished gold metal circles; And a matte gold metal outer ring with polished silver circles. Perfect for when you move to your mid-season wardrobe and head out to enjoy the first rays of sun. Come and discover them at joid' and in our Joid'art stores.

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