Aug. 05, 2015 · Creations

The time has come to play with colours. To combine different shades. To design patterns that express our feelings. To have fun combining intensities, ranges and materials. To make life a canvas! And to choose multi-coloured pieces of jewellery that make us smile. Joid’art’s creative team has chosen three of our colour collections. You will love them! These collections are called Esvelta, Sonia and Kaia. Esvelta is a design by Cristina Julià and forms part of the new AW15 creations. Its leaf-shaped pieces are made up of two halves of a spindle joined together and then painted with cold enamel in different colours. To make summer brighter than ever. Sonia pieces are made up of groupings of juxtaposed small squares, each featuring an etched diagonal groove. They too were designed by Cristina Julià, inspired by Angela Ferrara’s abstract prints. The colours used are turquoise and yellow (in the matt silver version) and pink and turquoise (in the matt gold metal version). Kaia is a design by Anna Codina. The pieces are boomerang-shaped and come in both matt silver and matt gold metal, the lower parts being ‘bathed’ in different colours of cold enamel. The pieces are stacked one on top of the other and fixed at a central point, so that they spin around and move independently, creating a dynamic and optimistic display of colours. Play. Invent. Combine. And find these and other colourful collections both in our stores and on

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