Aug. 06, 2013 · Joidart

Dalí was the most nonconformist and universal of contemporary Catalan artists. His facet as a painter and “character” dominate the collective memory, but Dalí was so much more than that: writer, set designer, philosopher and the creator of a uniquely personal vision of the world that can be discovered in the exhibition currently showing at the Reina Sofía Museum. The exhibition, which began in the Pompidou Centre in Paris, will remain open until 2 September 2013 on the third floor of the Sabatini Building. It is well worth losing yourself among its corridors to admire this careful selection of over two hundred works (paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc.) that invite us to reflect upon the place that Salvador Dalí occupies in the history of twentieth-century art, demonstrating that his legacy goes far beyond his leading role in the Surrealist movement. In this exhibition you can admire some of the works that Dalí created at the beginning of his career as well as pieces from his mystical and nuclear period and his set design works. You can also get a closer insight into his facet as a cultural firebrand and high profile showman. The core of the exhibition is based around his Surrealist period, with a particular emphasis on his paranoiac-critical method which he conceived as a mechanism for transforming reality, allowing the final interpretation of a piece to depend entirely on the spectator’s perspective. For Joid’art, Dalí’s work has always been a source of inspiration. His creative capacity, in which anything was possible, entices us to let our imaginations fly with total freedom. Nor should we forget that among his many other facets Dalí also designed jewellery based on the elements of his own personal iconography: lips, hearts, eyes and mythological creatures, crafted with precious stones and fine metals which, in this case, can be seen in the Dalí Museum in Figueres. Joid'art store opposite the house-museum Gala Dalí in Púbol: Fora Muralla, s/n · La Pera, Púbol · Girona


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