May. 09, 2018 · Joidart

A full moon and a sky full of stars. Distant planetary orbits trace the outlines of spherical jewels. Tiny lights illuminate the earth. Planetary collections, such as Eclipse and Anais, dazzle in a dance of eternal shadows. A beauty that only shines more brightly as the night draws in. The new Eclipse and Anais collections are inspired by the power of the cosmos and its radiant forms, carefully interpreted to create pieces in which circles infused with sparks of colour play the starring role. Both ranges are perfect for transforming any summer dress, shirt or outfit into something truly special.
Eclipse, created by jewellery designer Dalia Jurado, represents 'that breathtaking moment when the shadow of the moon obscures the sun.' The stunning collection of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces is available in matte silver with speckled blue laminate and also in gold-plated matte gold metal with speckled pink laminate. Collection must-haves: any one of the chokers.
Anais is a collection designed by Joid'art Lab, its creators defining it as 'different worlds within a single universe.' The range of pieces, available in silver or gold metal finishes, 'capture' spheres of cherry-coloured Murano glass, shot through with seams of white or green and gold leaf. Collection must-haves: the double-beaded earrings and the gold choker.
Available as part of the Joid’art cosmos in our stores and online at ... Dalia Jurado is a creator and jeweller. She studied jewellery design at the Escola Massana Art and Design Centre and 2D-3D computer-aided design at the CIM Foundation. She was a finalist in the Enjoia’t awards in 2010 and 2016. She was selected by FAD’s Barcelona Designer Collective 2016, has been part of the artistic jewellery group Bórax 08001 and has exhibited in international galleries such as Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco). Joid’art’s design team are the creative talents behind Joid’art Lab. Cristina, Berta and Valentina are the artists responsible for researching new trends, understanding how Joid’art women live, dream and think and designing the brand’s ultimate must-have jewellery collections.


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