Jun. 09, 2016 · Creations

For millions of years, Nature has been weaving thousands of threads around us, to which we add thousands more through architecture, art and technology. We are surrounded by them, from the most delicate threads of a spider's web to the solid scaffolding that envelops buildings. Reflecting the weave formed by these threads, the Joid'art Lab team has shaped Estructura, a light, colourful and unique collection. The jewellery that comprises Estructura is made of silver lent touches of colour by cold enamel in greens, blues and magenta. Each piece is made by hand in the Joid’art workshop using straight sections of silver wire that criss-cross in irregular squares that form a frame. As though making fabric, the master craftsmen patiently ‘weave’ each creation to shape dynamic, balanced pieces. Then, some threads are coloured AT random and the composition gains in expressiveness. These are earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants that are easy to wear and go well with any look. So light and carefree, you won't want to wear anything but Estructura. You can find them in Joid'art stores and on

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