Jun. 18, 2014 · Creations

Olive groves and wind-blown leaves. These form the basis of the has led Sara Domènech to give life to this jewellery line, which is both organic and personal.
Faye is made up of plate metal ‘leaves’ (silver or matt gold-plated metal) the oval shapes of which overlap giving them real structure. As they are hand-soldered, no two are exactly the same, and that is precisely what gives them their charm. The Joid'art artisans have also added marks to the surface of each piece by hand to infuse them with even more character. Many of the Faye necklace chains are also silver or gold metal so that they sit with the rest of the piece in perfect harmony. The earrings, rings and bracelets in this collection are a day and night must-have for the coming summer. Here are a few suggestions on some looks to rock these designs. Be bold – try them out!

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