Jan. 13, 2016 · We like artists

A couple of years back we met Lara Costafreda at a workshop on fashion illustration at the BAU school and hit it off really well. We already knew about her work as an illustrator, but putting a face, voice and personality to her name convinced us that we had to do something together one day. And finally that day has arrived... and we’ve done something on a grand scale, yet at the same time very delicate! [contains interview] All will be revealed shortly, but we can tell you now that it’s a project full of love into which Lara has poured all her emotions. Her dreamlike, floral and feminine drawings were the seed of a particularly special new collection of jewellery, created by Lara and Joid'art in a totally unique laboratory which will soon be unveiled. Here is a preview in the form of a ‘making of’ film of the campaign. Plus we’re thrilled to share with you a short interview we did with Lara on the same day as the shoot. Lara, define yourself in three words. Proactive, passionate and sensitive. Sum up your career for us. After studying for a degree in Fashion Design at the Bau School of Design and Central Saint Martins in London, I started work as a designer in the world of fashion in London and Paris. I then went to Brazil where I studied a number of plastic art disciplines and started working as a designer of printed textiles for several Brazilian brands. In 2011 I returned to Barcelona to embark on a personal project: to turn my untamed, feminine, Mediterranean universe into illustrations that would be suitable for campaigns for a variety of brands on an international level. Since then I’ve been working from my studio in Barcelona on all kinds of international projects. Which brands have you worked with? Having studied fashion, I’m pretty much defined as a fashion illustrator, so the brands I work for are almost always related to that world. I’ve done campaigns for Cartier, Hermès,Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Carolina Herrera, Shanghai IFC Mall,as well as other brands which,at first glance, are a little further removed from the industry, such as Coordonné or Amnesty International, for example. What led you to collaborate with Joid'art? As a creative person with a very defined realm of imagination, my purpose is to explain this universe and the values that inform it in a creative way that goes further than simple illustration: thinking of a concept, exploring and investigating it, and then applying it to a variety of supports such as a video, a photo editorial or a jewellery collection. With Joid'art I’ve found the perfect partnership in that I had the opportunity to work on both the image and the concept across a wide range of media that we will reveal later on. I also really wanted to talk about love from a very human, emotional and genuine point of view,so the commission from Joid'art couldn’t have been more appropriate for me. What was the creative process like for this project? The first thing is always to find the idea and the concept that surrounds it. Next comes the creation of a mood board, a type of collage that illustrates the idea in images and defines the visual universe in which I am going to work, and finally all this is transformed into drawings which transmit all our shared values and ideas. Additionally, in order to explain this collection we have also created a fashion film and a beautiful photo editorial. A flower The Chrysanthemum. This collection represents the first time I have worked with them. A landscape Gang and the Wool’s beautiful Greenhouse. A feeling Freedom. A work of art 'Carnations’ by Pina Bausch. And lastly, what is your favourite piece of jewellery? The necklace from the Wild Love collection...


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