Giving jewelry as a Christmas gift: a beautiful gesture full of value

Nov. 28, 2022 · Joidart


When you are part of this beautiful universe that fuses jewelry and art, and you know the work and value that lies behind each piece, giving these creations as a gift is what really makes us feel excited. Beyond the obvious aesthetic beauty of these small designer pieces, and the beautiful gesture of the act of giving, there is something that makes them even more special.


We are talking about everything that is hidden behind each piece of jewelry: a story, an artist, a craftsperson, a material... Only when you know the whole story of a product can you understand the value of what you have in your hands, which is why taking you into our world is such an important part of what we do.



Each of our Joidart designs has a story written in its DNA: the story of what inspired it and the story of the artist or designer with whom we collaborate... A work: that of the people who are part of the Joidart family, from the design team to the workshop team, including our collaborators. It is also a tribute to craftsmanship, as our jewelry take shape by hand, following artisan smithing techniques and the slow crafts methodology where each manual process - soldering, polishing, engraving, enamelling - is carried out calmly, allowing the pieces to rest for the time needed to obtain the finish it deserves, and that you deserve.



Nothing would make us happier than for our legacy and savoir faire to reach you and yours this Christmas. Enter our shop and let yourself fall in love with our collections and designs.



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