Handmade jewelry design, a work of creating and believing

Jan. 13, 2023 · Artesania


In a world that is moving at an increasingly higher pace and in which less attention is paid to the magic of craftsmanship, slowness and originality, at Joidart we are committed to keeping the legacy of tradition and mindful and respectful work alive, while never taking our gaze off the future. Believing and creating become two words that accompany us and define us at all times during the design process of handcrafted Jewelry.



At Joidart…

We create jewelry that lasts over time, that witnesses the years pass with the person who owns it.

We create tradition with our work and savoir faire, a combination of traditional techniques, sustainable materials and a slow craft philosophy that guides the process for the design and production of jewelry at Joidart.

We create a legacy through the families of craftspeople, the fathers, mothers, and children who comprise the Joidart team; and also through our commitment to keeping traditional goldsmithing techniques alive.



We create alliances with and between artists from different disciplines who bring light and soul to our collections. In the first years of this project, Jaume Julià, the founder, met with his classmates from the Massana School of Design in coffee shops around the city of Barcelona, which became the creative spaces of Joidart’s initial collections, resulting in jewelry with character and aesthetic purity.



We create inheritance; that which Jaume Julià started in 1981 when he founded Joidart and which he would soon share with his daughters Cristina and Mariona. We also create inheritance through the jewelry that is passed down from one generation to the next, small treasures that pass down from grandmothers to mothers, and from mothers to daughters…



We create art through signature jewelry that captures the art of Mediterranean nature and the work of important contemporary artists who left us their legacy.



We believe in the innate power of a piece of jewelry as an object that captures the essence of love, a love that is expressed without any need for words, just by the act of giving.



We believe in the magic and power of nature; that which inspires us with its movement, its shapes, its colours.

We believe in you, who supports our passion, designer jewelry, and who helps us achieve our dream of small artistic creations being worn and loved with the same affection with which we bring them to life in our workshop.



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