May. 23, 2013 · Style

Henna Morena is a brand of Mediterranean cosmetics for the hair. It’s about femininity. It’s about freedom. It’s about respect for women and their natural beauty. It’s also a shop designed by and for women at the heart of Barcelona (Esparteria, 12) which already has an army of devoted fans, including us! When you go into the Henna Morena shop, something grabs you and from that moment on you can’t imagine caring for your hair without their products. It’s probably because it’s somewhere you can find a full range of completely natural treatments for your hair – shampoos, oils and fresh henna colorants – in a warm, relaxed and easy-going atmosphere where the people behind the project take the time to explain how to use the henna and give advice on which hair treatment is best for you and your hair type. "The latest thing in cosmetics was used 2,000 years ago." This is one of the slogans that defines their philosophy, which is based on three concepts: Respect, Slow Cosmetics and Mediterranean. At Henna Morena the products are free from parabens and silicones and are made using first cold-pressed oils and products from biodynamic agriculture. Their goal is to return to slow-burning rituals, to indulgent beauty sessions between girlfriends, mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters. A new way of pampering yourself by recovering rituals that originated around the Mediterranean, the sea which gave birth to civilizations that cultivated beauty as part of their cultural language. Joid'art applauds this initiative and we strongly identify with the type of woman being targeted by Henna Morena. Here’s to us women!


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