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Dec. 07, 2022 · Creations


Christmas is synonymous with family, love, friends, meetings, presents…and parties. And there is no better excuse than this time of year to dress up in our favourite outfits and wear a new dress for the first time (or wear one we already have and love) with those spectacular accessories we keep for special occasions. If you like to plan things and are already thinking about Christmas outfits, here's a dose of inspiration:


When we think of accessories for parties, we automatically think of special, elegant, fine or striking pieces. Pieces that acts as “the icing on the cake” in our looks.



We love earrings with body and presence, especially the long shapes and the shiny details that match the sparkling nature of any Christmas evening. We imagine silver pieces, like the Branca, Euphorbia or Umbrella earrings, but also designs with subtle hints of colour like the Medes earrings.



The necklace, the most flattering piece of jewelry for a low neckline

We can envisage a nice neckline decorated with special pieces like the pendant hanging from the Arai necklace, made of small silver incrustations; but also finer designs such as Stardust. A necklace can also help us to lengthen our bust, creating a flattering effect, if that is what you are looking for. You can achieve this with the Umbrella or Euphorbia necklaces.



For hands we look for delicateness and femininity, and we imagine them decorated with bracelets such as the silver or gold Umbrella, or with more discrete but equally pretty designs, such as Stardust.



Rings: the jewelry that's always the right choice

Sometimes you might have to choose between wearing earrings or a necklace, and maybe rule out wearing a bracelet, but rings never look out of place. In silver or gold, thin or thick, with or without incrustations… the options are endless. But if you have fallen in love with one of the abovementioned pieces, you will be delighted to know that they have matching rings. Take a look here.



The time has come to choose: what pieces will compete your Christmas outfit?



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