May. 18, 2016 · Creations

‘A calm sea. A wooden boat. A blue sky above. And the clear water opening up a fascinating universe for us to see. A shower of bright sunlit plankton. Someone disappears under the water. Silence. The show begins.’ This is the description of the visual postcard that led the Joid’art Lab team to create the new Sandra jewellery collection, inspired by the beauty of the seabed, which never ceases to amaze.
The harmonious dance of the anemones, the fanciful shapes of coral and the sensuous movement of seaweed propelled by currents are captured in the necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings of the Sandra collection. A look tells us that the jewellery is made up of long oval shapes that form a delicate organic mesh whose ‘marine-inspired’ cells are unique and unrepeatable. Joid’art's master craftsmen make them by hand, carefully finishing them like sculptures. The collection is available in gold metal and matte silver. Both made from polished wire reminiscent of the glow that rays of light form around sea creatures. Immerse yourself in this collection at our stores or on

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