Jan. 14, 2018 · Creations

True, profound love is as deep as the ocean. Transparent as water. Weightless as two bodies enveloped in waves of tenderness. As powerful as the force of the sea. Ever-expanding energy. An infinite emotion captured by jewellery designer Olivia Barthe in the new Infinite Love collection, inspired by the boundless Möbius strip, without beginning or end.
The pieces in the Infinite Love collection express unconditional love; a love that is continuously reborn, with every look, every gesture, every syllable. A force that comes from the depths of our being and resonates through everything. It is infinite, boundless, eternal. A mysterious magnetism that leads us to love another soul above all others, for the rest of time.
Olivia Barthe has transposed the sculptural forms of Infinite Love into rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, creating a unique gift to express your feelings to that special someone on Valentine’s Day. There is a choice of finishes, with matte silver for quiet, serene love, and matte gold-plated metal, for dazzling love. Or go ahead and treat yourself to something from the collection, simply because you deserve it. What better reason is there? In addition to the Infinite Love collection, there are numerous other pieces to be discovered in our online store,, and in the Joid'art high street stores that would make the perfect Valentine’s surprise for your loved one. Come and take a look! … Olivia Barthe is a jewellery designer who lives and works in Barcelona. Her introduction into the artistic world came through painting and illustration and she went on to discover the infinite potential of jewellery while studying at the Escola Massana Art and Design Centre. This passion led her to travel the world, from India to Morocco, exploring the hand-craftsmanship of traditional goldsmiths. Her work is characterised by spontaneity and continuous experimentation through which she challenges the various states of the materials to obtain timeless jewellery with a unique personality, pieces that communicate with the space as itinerant sculptures.


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