Sep. 20, 2016 · We like artists

For a long time, we have followed the work of industrial fashion designer Inma Bermúdez. And we love it; it’s fascinating! She is the best of the best, the only Spanish designer who works for Ikea and one of the creators behind the reinvention of Lladró. She is the mother (because the father is her partner) of the famous ‘Follow Me’ lamp and many other products that combine simplicity, functionality and aesthetics. [Interview content] She never stops: everyone wants to work with her, and she is immersed in thousands of projects. But when we asked for an interview for the joidartblog, she immediately accepted. Her natural manner and humbleness make her even greater. Self-demanding, nonconformist and totally spontaneous, she talks about her relation with jewellery and how and where she lives her passion for design. Inma, define yourself in three words. Impatient, passionate and generous. Tell us a bit about yourself and about your long career. I studied Industrial Design in Valencia and went to Germany on an Erasmus exchange in 2001. I adapted to my new home, and decided to continue to learn from the Germans. I was abroad for six years in total, in Germany, France and Sweden. I came home to Valencia in 2007, and set up my studio, which my partner Moritz Krefter joined in 2009. Since then, we haven’t stopped doing things together or separately. We moved to the countryside 5 years ago, to a sustainable dwelling where we live and work, surrounded by our dogs, a vegetable garden, hens and my wonderful mother, who is always there ready to help out with anything that needs doing. Why did you choose to be a designer? It was the only thing that motivated me. I didn’t consider any other options. What is your work process? It depends on the client, but normally I’m commissioned to design something, through briefings. This helps me to centre the project. Most of the commissions are well-defined, so it’s easy for me to get to the point and find a solution that suits the client. Which of all of your designs would you highlight? The ‘Follow Me’ lamp. We launched it in spring 2014; it’s given us a lot of happiness since then. It has been in the MoMA Design Store for almost a year, and in the Luis Vuitton Foundation, the Centre Georges Pompidou, and a long list of etceteras. But what affects me most is feedback from people who explain how they experience and enjoy the lamp. My designs are part of me and it’s very satisfying to know that people enjoy them. What are your sources of inspiration? It depends on the commission, although due to the functional nature of many of my products, I’m very aware of the relationship between user and object; the psychology of the object. Do you see yourself designing jewellery one day? What would the pieces be like? Of course, why not? Anyway, it wouldn’t be new for me. In the design department of Lladró we have developed some collections of accessories. For example, this summer, the ‘Animal Heroes’ collection was launched, which we are very happy and proud of. An object... Vases of flowers. A shape... A circle. A texture... I relax by petting my dogs. A work of art... Yellow, by Anish Kapoor. What Joid’art creations do you identify with? Why? I like simple accessories, with basic shapes. I love the new collection Freda and the Lilla minirings, and the earrings from the same collection.


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