Apr. 20, 2016 · Creations

Being a mum isn't about calendars. A mum is a mum every hour of every day. But it's almost that time of year when we celebrate it publicly and we pay tribute to the special women in our lives. The ones that love us, warts and all, that help us grow up, that spoil us and always understand. Joid’art or any day. Of all the types of love, we have chosen the two that best symbolise the love between mother and child, unconditional and pure. Following painstaking work by Lara Costafreda to create floral prints, we capture their essence in the earrings and necklaces shown here. Discover their beating hearts at and in Joid'art stores. TRUE LOVE. Genuine love, the purest and wisest form. The love that expects nothing in return and, just like chrysanthemums, has the added values of experience and sincere joyfulness. FOREVER LOVE. This is that unconditional love that grows over time, getting stronger every day. It is the most basic, heartfelt and categorical love there is. Cacti are the most primitive plants in existence, with the ability to grow in the most inhospitable places, just like this love.
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