Aug. 05, 2013 · Joidart

was based on two premises: we wanted the model to exude the same vintage look as in the previous SS13 campaign and at the same time we wanted to bring added warmth to the look. To achieve this, we used garments in darker tones, especially ochres, plums and browns, which we contrasted with the occasional flash of red. We chose jackets and dresses in velvety fabrics and the softest wools, mainly in plain colours. And to accessorize we went for headwear: turbans and a sensational hat which will play a key role in the campaign. Soft wavy hair further enhanced the retro look of the model and her make-up tones ran the gamut of ochre shades, contrasting with the red of her lips. We were inspired by the make-up looks of the 1940s, yet with a contemporary touch. We hope you like it!

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