Nov. 14, 2013 · Joidart

In line with the artistic aesthetic that characterises us, we suggested a collaboration with illustrator Conrad Roset that would unite our jewellery and his Muses. Conrad saw this as a new way of expressing his creative universe and was delighted to accept our offer. The end result has just emerged. After months of work, sketches and models, the Joid’art by Conrad Roset collection has just been released: five sets of earrings inspired by the five Muses which Roset has created exclusively for Joid’art. The tear-shaped organic pieces faithfully reflect Roset’s style. The earrings embody all the expressiveness of his Muses, which they would be bound to wear if they took human shape. They have been made in the Joid’art atelier using rhodium-plated silver and enamels in Conrad’s vibrant colour palette. The irregular finish and expressiveness of each piece also reflects the universe of the Muses. To round off the project, each set of earrings is sold in a display mounting, at the back of which is a die-stamped illustration of the Muse who inspired it. Contemporary art in two renderings, available in Joid'art shops and the online store.

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