Aug. 04, 2016 · Joidart

Black and white. Clay and fire. Metal and earth. Jewellery and ceramics at their purest. Rediscovering the most tribal principles of primitive pottery, Joid'art has joined forces with the ceramic artist of Germanic origin, Nuri Negre Herzing, to create Keramik, a collection of jewellery that takes us back to our roots. Handmade pieces that identify with everything that is natural, authentic and beautiful. Keramik recaptures the essence of an ancestral femininity that is now more vibrant than ever. The realm of women in search of an artistic slant on the world. Who revere simplicity. Listen to their instincts. Throw off taboos in expressing themselves. Open themselves up to life. Converse with nature. And are, above all, free-spirited women. These are contradictory creations, representing a union of silver and ceramic. They blend German rationality in their geometric forms with Mediterranean spontaneity in the organic origin of the clay from which they were formed. Emphatic Minimalism. The metamorphosis of nature captured in unique pieces, moulded by the hands of the ceramic artist and finished by those of the Joid'art metalsmiths. Nuri Negre Herzing's work centres around black and white, simplicity and transformation. As does this collection. The name, Keramik, is as authentic as its pieces. From the Greek (, made of clay) and the German (, ceramics). From the sea and the earth. From water and from clay. From that which we truly are. Find them in the Joid'art stores an on

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