Jul. 10, 2018 · We like artists

Occasion wear designer Maria Roch is the creative talent who has infused the La Nuit jewellery collection with its unique spirit, form and personality. As part of her collaboration with Joid'art she has produced a range of creations for special occasions that would make the perfect addition to any outfit. [Interview content] In our interview with Maria we learned a number of things about the designer that we didn’t know before: her passion for the sea breeze, her unconditional love of earrings and her approach to developing the new collections she launches each season, which will be available very soon for purchase at establishments around the globe.
Maria Roch, define yourself in three words. Enthusiastic, creative, enterprising. Tell us a little bit about your career path. In 2006, while I was still studying fashion at university, I was selected as the winner of the ModaFad Award for Best Collection Concept, going on to win the Best Collection Award as well in 2009. As a result of my final degree project I had the opportunity to participate in events such as Bread & Butter, 080 Barcelona, Genial Fashion, Cibeles and The Brandery. When I finished university, I worked with Toni Miró for a while but, although he offered me the chance to join his team, the opportunity to set up a multi-brand shop in Barcelona’s Born district presented itself, so that’s what I did. The following year, I created my first collection for the shop and within two years I was already manufacturing for other multi-brand stores. Then I opened my second shop in the Galvany district. The collections were more extensive each time round and the number of retailers across Spain increased, so I finally closed the Born shop and opened a concept store with my own brand in Galvany as well. Now, in 2018 I’m branching out into the international market, which is hugely exciting! When did you decide to become a fashion designer? I think it’s something that’s always been a part of me. I started putting my own outfits together from a very young age, although my mother was embarrassed when I wore them out! When it was time to decide what I wanted to study, I opted for international commerce but, when it came down to it, although I had already been accepted on the course, I couldn’t ignore my calling and I enrolled for fashion design. You started out in Barcelona’s Born district, do you still have a connection to that part of the city? Although the shop isn’t open any more, I haven’t ruled out going back there someday. For me it was very important to start in one of the neighbourhoods from which the city was founded, because it also marked a beginning for me: the creation of my own brand. How do you go about developing the concept for every collection? It's a very personal process which, for me, works a bit like a flashback: once the collection is designed, I review it and ‘filter’ down the situation and circumstances that made it a reality. And then the concept is born. What inspires you? Personal experiences, my travels and people who have always had an influence on me and the way I feel. I've dedicated the next winter collection, for example, to my grandfather, someone who is very important in my life.
What jewellery do you like to wear? Big, striking and unusual earrings. And a lot of fine necklaces. And loads of rings and bracelets. A lot of everything! For every day I wear very simple hoops but when I am dressing up I always opt for flamboyant earrings; they never fail.
How would you define the new La Nuit jewellery collection you have designed for Joid'art? They are creations that evoke the sensuality of fundamental geometric shapes with a soul for celebration.
What kind of outfit would you say works best with La Nuit jewellery? It’s a collection that goes with absolutely everything. I imagine them as pieces that would be great with a party dress but also perfect if you rock the same dress with some sporty sneakers for a casual summer dinner out. My dresses are very versatile and La Nuit makes the ideal accessory for them, day or night.
What do you like to do when you're not working? Travel and hang out with friends, spend time with my partner. A fabric. Silk. A colour. White. A maestro. Yohji Yamamoto. A perfect night. A full moon and a sea breeze that permeates everything. A work of art. Anything by Mark Rothko. Aside from La Nuit, are there any other pieces in our SS18 collection that you particularly like? Why? Another Joid’art collection I like is the Tramuntana collection from the Coohuco collaboration because it is incredibly organic. Its shapes remind me of the wind, that sea breeze that I need and adore so much.


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